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Introduction to Craps: Beginners Bets

There are a lot of bets you can ever make in a game of craps. Some bets have pretty good stakes and odds, while some have really high returns but pretty bad odds (especially when you consider the house advantage). Below are the various bets you can make at craps. We'll only deal with the rather easy bets that beginners ought to start with.

First craps bet we'll discuss is the Pass Line Bet. If you make this bet, you win if the come out roll totals to seven or 11 (a.k.a. the natural). Players' bets lose if a craps turns up (i.e. getting two, three, or 12). If a point is rolled (i.e. total of four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten) the dice must be rolled one more time. If seven comes up this time before the point is rolled you lose. Otherwise, you win.

A Come Bet works just like a Pass Line Bet only that you make this bet after the point is made in a game. This bet also wins and loses like the Pass Line Bet.

A Don't Pass Line Bet is the exact opposite of a Pass Line Bet in craps. If the first roll comes to a total of seven or an 11 you lose and, of course, you win if the dice roll totals to two or a three. The difference is that if you get a 12 this denotes what is called a tie or push. If the dice totals to a point, a seven must come out before the point so you'd win. If ever we get a point before the seven you lose your bets.

Let's now look at the Don't Come Bet. You've probably guessed this is the opposite of a Come Bet. Here are the mechanics of this craps bet. After the come point is made you'll win a two or a three turns up. You and lose your bets with a seven or eleven. You get a 12 then the game comes to a tie. In the next rolls you win only if a seven comes up.

Place Bets can only made only after determining the point. You can place bets on four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten. You are betting on specific numbers, so you win if the numbers you placed your bets on are rolled before a seven turns up. If a seven turns up before your bets, you lose.

We recommend that you start with these bets first before moving off to the other craps bets. These are the easiest bets any beginner can make in craps.

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