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Playing Craps in a Land-based Casino

A lot of gamblers consider craps as one of the most enjoyable games in a land-based or online casino. Craps is played in a fast pace game after game, depending on the craps shooter.

Craps can traced its roots to an old game called Hazards. The rules that are used in the game are changed as time passes by. Craps was derived from word Crabs Eye. Crabs Eye was used in Hazards to identify rolled dice that produced a pair.

In Hazards, a player will not only shoot the dice and add the total of the numbers; they will also control the game by using their instincts. If the player wants their first time in a land based casino to be a memorable experience they should definitely choose craps. But players must also take into consideration that they should not play to the point of bankruptcy. Craps can pay the player considerably if played right. If a beginner wants to play seriously in craps, they should study craps first.

Studying the game will help the player make strategies to win more money instead of suffering bankruptcy. Players need to throw a pair of dice in craps. They can wager on either the casino’s side or the shooter’s side.

If the player chooses to put their bet on the shooter’s table, then they can put down their wagers on the pass line before they throw the dice.

If the player wants to bet on shooter, they can put down their wagers on the Do Not Pass Line. The initial roll of the dice is called the Come Out Roll.

If the Come Out roll produced a seven or eleven, then the game is finished and the craps shooters and players who wagered on the shooter win. But when the come out roll produced a two, three or twelve, then the game is over as well but the dealer and the players who wagered on the dealer will win.

If the Come Out Roll produced a four, five, six, eight, nine or ten, it is a point. Neither the dealer nor the craps shooter will win in the game. The game will continue until a seven comes out.

If the Come Out Roll produces another point number, the shooter wins the game. Rolling a seven before getting a point is an Out 7. It means that the shooter lost for that round in the game and the players needs to throw the dice on his left for the next player to be the next shooter.

Playing the game is relatively simple. But before a player puts their chips on the Pass and Do Not Pass line, they should first watch a live game.

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