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The Five Count Bet in Craps

A good thing to always be reminded of is the fact that there is no system or method of playing and beating the house edge. The games have random results that are based on the probabilities of the dice used. There's a way of placing a bet which can help a player lessen his or her losses and at the same time improving your chances of winning. This method is called the five count way or method. The basis of this article is the book written by Frank Scoblete, which is all about achieving the Five Count system or method. According to the author incorporating the Five count in a player's strategies in placing bets can lessen the sum total of the shooters a player is betting. The Five count can remove the fifty seven percent advantage of the house.

A player may increase the possibility that while the player's game session is going on he or she can be assured of being in a hot and lucky shooter. A player will increase his or her comp card's value since there will be time spent with the table games then there is less exposure of one's bankroll for the house advantage.

How the Five Count Works

The method of using the Five count for searching for hot and lucky shooters and lessening the total risk of a player in the game of craps begins with the point numbers. The numbers from four until ten except seven are point numbers.

Step by Step:

Let's say that there's a latest shooter that just accepted the dice and he or she is on the point of the roll called the come-out already. When the player rolls any number from the group assigned as point numbers for his or her come-out roll, instantly it will count as one and if the player rolls any number among 7, 2, 3, 12 or 11 for the roll called come-out, there will be no count yet. The next roll following the first count is the count of two, whatever number comes out after the roll which also applies for the count of three and count of four.

The 5 count is the roll that follows after the count of four, this happens only when the rolled number is a number among the point numbers and if this is not achieved yet the count of four remains the same. As soon as the 5-count happens, a player then begins to put his or her money at a certain degree of risk. He or she can either make a place or come bet.

If a player commonly makes at least three bets called come bets, the player may actually place the initial come bet you usually make three make come bets you can actually make your first come bet after the three counts. You would then make your second come bet after the four counts.

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